Hi, I'm Jolin!

As a Product Designer with background in psychology and marketing, I focus on elevating the digital human experience to create pleasant experiences and foster meaningful change for social good.

Arconic: Scrap Bidding & Depot
Redesigning Arconic Direct’s Scrap Bidding and Depot features to provide users with a more intuitive and modern digital experience.
Website Design | UX/UI Design
Liferay Internship Team Project: 1 Month
Liferay Customer Portal 2.0
Refining and finalizing design features to enhance the product activation and subscription management digital experience.
Web Portal Design | Product Design
Liferay Internship Team Project: 1 Month
The Design Skills Archive
Demonstrating my experience with designing responsively, and organizing Figma files with component properties.
Designing a mobile app to provide busy college students with a way to streamline their cooking and meal prepping process while reducing food waste.
Mobile App Design | Product Design
Team Project: 5 Months
Designing a travel desktop app to democratize the trip decisions, make trip planning a collaborative experience, and streamline the planning and preparation process.
Web-App Design | UX/UI Design | Interaction Design
Team Project: 3 Days
Move Society Forward
Designing a careers page to attract more quality talent and increase the number of applications to MSF's open roles.
Website Design | UX/UI Design | Content Design
Solo Project: 1 Week
UI Designs
Exploring mobile and website visual designs for fun!
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